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DIstributed SImulation & Online gaming (DISIO)

Best Papers

Following the result of the review process and the presentations at the DISIO workshop, awarded papers are:

  • Duong Ta, Thang Nguyen, Tran Nguyen, Nguyen Do, Xueyan Tang, Wentong Cai and Suiping Zhou.
    A virtualization-based approach for zone migration in distributed virtual environments.
  • Bart Craenen, Vinoth Suryanarayanan and Georgios Theodoropoulos.
    A Middleware for Interfacing with Simulation Systems of Multi-Agent Models.
  • Moreno Marzolla, Stefano Ferretti and Gabriele D'Angelo.
    Dynamic Scalability for Next Generation Gaming Infrastructures.
  • Philip Mildner, Tonio Triebel, Stephan Kopf and Wolfgang Effelsberg.
    A scalable Peer-to-Peer-overlay for real-time massively multiplayer online games.
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