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Internet-based Adaptive Distributed Simulation of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks



In this paper we focus on Internet-based simulation, a form of distributed simulation in which a set of execution units that are physically located around the globe work together to run a simulation model. This setup is very challenging because of the latency/variability of communications. Thus, clever mechanisms must be adopted in the distributed simulation, such as the adaptive partitioning of the simulated model and load balancing strategies among execution units. We simulate a wireless model over a real Internet-based distributed simulation setup, and evaluate the scalability of the simulator with and without the use of adaptive strategies for both communication overhead reduction and load-balancing enhancement. The results confirm the viability of our approach to build Internet-based simulations.


  • Parallel And Distributed Simulation (PADS), Internet-based Simulation, Load-balancing, Wireless Networks


  • Published in the Proceedings of the 2019 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC 2019). National Harbor, Maryland (USA), 8-11 December, 2019.


  • A pre-peer reviewed version of the article can be found on 1908.11551.


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