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Simulation Software

Description Topic
ARTÌS Advanced RTI System Parallel and distributed simulation middleware
GAIA / GAIA+ Generic Adaptive Interaction Architecture Migration based framework for adaptive parallel and distributed simulation
LUNES Large Unstructured NEtwork Simulator Efficient simulation of complex protocols on top of large scale, unstructured networks
DDM Data Distribution Management Implementation of efficient matching algorithms for the High Level Architecture (HLA) IEEE 1516 DDM
ErlangTW Erlang Time Warp Implementation of a Time Warp simulator written in Erlang
Go-Warp Go Time Warp Implementation of a a Time Warp simulator written in the Go programming language
PaScaS PArallel and distributed ScAle-free network Simulator Efficient simulation of gossip protocols on scale-free networks

Other Software

DiLeNA Distributed Ledger Network Analyzer Efficient download and analysis of DLTs
SeGoDoc Secure Google Docs Content cloaking: preserving privacy with Google Docs and other web applications
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