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Concurrent Replication of Parallel and Distributed Simulations



Proceedings of the 19th ACM/IEEE/SCS Workshop on Principles of Advanced and Distributed Simulation (PADS'05). Monterey, CA, USA, June 1-3, 2005. ISBN 0-7695-2383-8


Parallel and distributed simulations enable the analysis of complex systems by concurrently exploiting the aggregate computation power and memory of clusters of execution units. In this paper we investigate a new direction for increasing both the speedup of a simulation process and the utilization of computation and communication resources. Many simulation-based investigations require to collect independent observations for a correct and significant statistical analysis of results. The execution of many independent parallel or distributed simulation runs may suffer the speedup reduction due to rollbacks under the optimistic approach, and due to idle CPU times originated by synchronization and communication bottlenecks under the conservative approach. We present a parallel and distributed simulation framework supporting concurrent replication of parallel and distributed simulations (CR-PADS), as an alternative to the execution of a linear sequence of multiple parallel or distributed simulation runs. Results obtained from tests executed under variable scenarios show that speedup and resource utilization gains could be obtained by adopting the proposed replication approach in addition to the pure parallel and distributed simulation.


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