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Scalable and Efficient Parallel and Distributed Simulation of Complex, Dynamic and Mobile Systems



Proceedings of the IEEE FIRB-Perf Workshop on Techniques Methodologies and Tools for Performance Evaluation of Complex Systems (Perf 2005). Torino, Italy, September, 2005. ISBN 0-7695-2447-8


In this work we illustrate the design and implementation guidelines of a recently developed middleware defined to support the parallel and distributed simulation of large scale, complex and dynamically interacting system models. The distributed simulation of complex system models, may suffer the communication and synchronization required to maintain the causality constraints between distributed model components. We designed and implemented the ARTÌS middleware as a new framework by incorporating a set of features that allow adaptive optimization by exploiting many complex and dynamic model and distributed simulation characteristics. As an example, a dynamic migration mechanism for the run-time adaptive allocation of model entities has been designed and exploited for dynamic load and communication balancing. Optimizations have been introduced to obtain the maximum advantage from heterogeneous and asymmetric communication systems, from shared memory to LAN and Internet communication. Other optimizations have been introduced by the exploitation of concurrent replications of parallel and distributed simulations, in order to increase the resources utilization and to maximize the speedup of simulation processes. Solutions have been designed, implemented and tuned to obtain a significant reduction in the communication and synchronization overheads between the physical execution units, and an increased model scalability and simulation speedup, even in worst-case modeling assumptions and simulation scenarios.


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