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Go-Warp: a Time Warp simulator written in Go

Go-Warp is a simulator based on the Time Warp synchronization algorithm and implemented using the Go programming language. Go is a general purpose programming language announced by Google in the late 2009 and now developed as an Open Source project. The Go language has good support for concurrency and communication; many features introduced in Go seem to have a good potential but its usage in Parallel And Distributed Simulation (PADS) is still not fully explored.

We have developed an alpha quality but complete implementation of Time Warp and to evaluate the performance of Go-Warp we used a synthetic benchmark called PHOLD, that is a model specifically designed for the performance evaluation of Time Warp implementations.

Both Go-Warp and the PHOLD model are provided in source code with an open source license.

For more information on the Go-Warp design, implementation and performance please see DISIO12.


  • 27/06/2012. GO-WARP: version 0.0.1


Sources Description
Go-Warp 0.0.1 go-warp-src-0.0.1.tgz Go-Warp alpha version 0.0.1 with PHOLD

The development tree of Go-Warp is available on github.


To cite the Go-Warp software use:

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