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  • Why should I use ARTÌS+GAIA?
Mainly because it is really fast and provides support for migration-enabled parallel and distributed simulations.


  • Is it Open Source / GPL software?
No! Please carefully read the download before downloading it. We aim to open source the ARTÌS+GAIA middleware in future, but we are now unable to provide a detailed roadmap.
  • Can I include the ARTÌS+GAIA middleware along with my application?
No! It is NOT allowed by the license agreement. Your application/model can be based on ARTÌS+GAIA but the middleware packages has to be separately downloaded by the official website.


  • What about the XYZ architecture?
We are currently unable to provide the ARTÌS+GAIA binaries for a wide set of architectures. Due to the available resources the ia32 is the only supported architecture.

Technical details

  • What is the amount of shared memory available in a Linux machine?

> /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax provides the maximum size of shared memory segment (bytes).

This value can be changed but this operation requires the root privileges.
In example: echo “67108864” > /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax
Increases the shared memory up to 64 MB.
  • Is it possible to force the middleware to use the TCP protocol also for the local communications?

> Yes, see the option TCP_FORCE in the configuration file sima.ini

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