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DIstributed SImulation & Online gaming (DISIO)

Workshop Commitees

Workshop co-Chairs

Technical Program Committee (TPC)

  • Wentong Cai, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Marc Cavazza, Teesside University, United Kingdom
  • Kuan-Ta Chen, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • Wolfgang Effelsberg, Universität Mannheim, Germany
  • Abdennour El Rhalibi, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom
  • Giacomo Fiumara, University of Messina, Italy
  • Vittorio Ghini, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Moreno Marzolla, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Graham Morgan, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
  • José Neuman de Souza, Federal University of Ceara, Brazil
  • Laura Ricci, University of Pisa, Italy
  • Gregor Schiele, University of Mannheim, Germany
  • Georgios Theodoropoulos, IBM Research, Ireland
  • Yiping Yao, National University of Defense Technology, China
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