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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the meaning of the word "raspèin"?

This is hard to explain. It all started as a joke. In our lab slang we use the word “raspini” (which has no real meaning in Italian) for referring to the Raspberry Pi. This word sounds very similar to a dialect word (raspèin) that is used in the Italian region in which we work to identify something that is stuck the throat, In other words, it is an irritated throat… and often the first symptom of a cold.

Is it possible to visit the raspèin cluster?

The raspèin cluster was on public display at the Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria e Scienze Informatiche, Via Sacchi 3, Cesena.

The Raspberry Pi CPU is not as powerful as a desktop CPU. What is the reason for building a cluster of them?

We're mainly interested in the scalability of distributed algorithms/mechanisms and in the design of fault-tolerant protocols. In other words, the CPU speed is not our main concern, but the number of interconnected devices is. Therefore, for our specific use cases a large number of cheap and slow devices is preferable to a small number of powerful ones.

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