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-===== NEW PAPER: Parallel Sort-Based Matching for Data Distribution Management on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors =====+===== NEW PAPER: Adaptive Parallel and Distributed Simulation of Complex Networks =====
-In this paperwe propose parallel version of the Sort-Based Matching algorithm for shared-memory multiprocessors.+In this paper we present study on the intricate problem of the simulation of large scale complex networks. The complexity of the simulation is due to the need to represent networks with a high number of nodes and links, but even more to the need to model interactions among network nodes. We focus on discrete-event simulation, a simulation methodology that enables both sequential (i.e. monolithic) and parallel/distributed simulation (i.e. PADS) approaches.
-<fc Purple>**Best Paper Award: 21-th ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications (DS-RT 2017).**</fc> +For more information follow [[jpdc2021-paper|this link]].
- +
-For more information follow [[parallelSBM-paper|this link]].+
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-===== HPCS 2016 Tutorial =====+===== SOFTWARE: LUNES-Blockchain preview =====
-[[|{{}}]] +A preview version of the LUNES-Blockchain simulator (i.eagent-based simulation of DLTs and Blockchains) has been published in form of source code in the [[pads:download|Download]] section. LUNES-Blockchain is based on the ARTÌS/GAIA simulators.
-In the tutorial "**Simulation of the Internet of Things**", we aim to introduce all the basic aspects of the efficient simulation of the Internet of Things (IoT).+
-We discuss the main limitations of the current approaches with the goal to foster discussion and to increase the knowledge on both simulation and IoTThe last part of the tutorial will be about our practical experience in the simulation of IoT using a multi-level modelling approach.+---- 
 +===== NEW PAPER: Internet-based Adaptive Distributed Simulation of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks ===== 
 +In this paper we focus on Internet-based simulation, a form of distributed simulation in which a set of execution units that are physically located around the globe work together to run a simulation modelWe simulate a wireless model over a real Internet-based distributed simulation setup, and evaluate the scalability of the simulator with and without the use of adaptive strategies for both communication overhead reduction and load-balancing enhancement.
-For more information follow [[|this link]] and see our tutorial paper: [[|Simulation of the Internet of Things]].+For more information follow [[wsc2019-paper|this link]].
 ---- ----
-===== NEW PAPER: Highly intensive data dissemination in complex networks =====+===== NEW PAPER: Agent-based Simulation of Blockchains =====
-A study on data dissemination in unstructured Peer-to-Peer (P2Pnetwork overlays.+In this paper, we describe LUNES-Blockchain, an agent-based simulator of blockchains that is able to exploit Parallel and Distributed Simulation (PADStechniques to offer a high level of scalability.
-For more information follow [[gossip-paper|this link]].+For more information follow [[asiasim2019-paper|this link]].
 ---- ----
-===== HPCS 2011 Tutorial =====+===== NEW PAPER: Parallel Data Distribution Management on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors =====
-[[|{{}}]] +In this paper we propose two parallel solutions to the DDM problem that can operate effectively on shared-memory multiprocessors. 
-In the tutorial "**Parallel and Distributed Simulation from Many Cores to the Public Cloud**" the main concepts behind the current research effort are introduced.+ 
 +For more information follow [[parallelDDM-paper|this link]].
-Starting from the simulation basics some the new challenges for parallel and distributed simulation are discussed. Are current simulation technologies ready to support cloud computing? What about the usability of the available simulation tools? 
-For more information follow [[|this link]]. 
-===== Additional resources ===== 
-<fc Purple>**Some additional resouces (in italian) are available for students and local users**:</fc> 
-   * [[pads:cluster|Il cluster di simulazione PADS]] 
-   * [[pads:artis-doc|La documentazione online di ARTÌS]] 
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