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 +====== Raspèin Project ======
 +//​University of Bologna. Cesena Campus//
 +//​Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DISI)//
 +Welcome to the Raspèin Project homepage. **The goal of this project is to build a very cheap computing cluster using 64** [[http://​​wiki/​Raspberry_Pi|Raspberry Pi]] **boards** interconnected with a Fast Ethernet network. The boards are housed in a chassis made of [[http://​​wiki/​Lego|Lego bricks]].
 +The Raspèin cluster is useful for both teaching and research purposes. For example, it is going to be used for the design and evaluation of [[:​start|Parallel And Distributed Simulation]],​ [[paga:​index|Parallel Algorithms]] and for the aims of the [[http://​|Smart City Lab]].
 +The assembly of the Raspèin cluster is still in progress. Its construction has been possible thanks to the financial support of [[http://​|Ser.In.Ar.]].
 +<fc #​dd3333>​**For daily updates on the building of the raspèin cluster please see the** [[raspein:​changelog|construction diary]] **section**.</​fc>​ The raspèin cluster is on public display at the [[http://​​Laurea/​IngegneriaScienzeInformatiche/​Pagine/​default.aspx|Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria e Scienze Informatiche]],​ Via Sacchi 3, Cesena.
 +{{ raspein:​img_20150702_135124.jpg?​nolink&​700 }}
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